At the time of the water board elections I noticed that only few people understood what we were electing and how this came about.

I remembered that prior to my study of history, I also did not understand and appreciate why we have polders and why I have to pay water taxes every year. 

During a course of national history at the University of Leiden, this suddenly became clear to me and I thought it was self-evident that I, as a Dutch citizen, should have a share in this. That is why I wanted to tell the story of how this phenomenon, the polder and the water taxes, came about so the average Dutchie can understand and appreciate this too.

I chose the bunch of music festival goers as a target audience. Eventually I came up with a band that used my research as song lyrics to achieve my goal. The interpretation of this band I based on the PVV term Henk and Ingrid, the average Dutchman and -woman. The result was a popular pop band named Ingrid & Henk. The elaboration was a fan site (webshop, tour dates through the polder cities, media messages), CD with a songbook based on well-known Dutch songs (Frans Bouwer, Guus Meeuwis and Andre van Duin), a karaoke cd to make the songs even better known and of course the accompanying merchandising (T-shirt, mug, concert scarf). All visual expressions are based on the Dutch Boerenbont. The context of this project consisted of the Blokker stores.


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22 mei 2018